Monday, July 26, 2010

So's I said to the Monsiegnor, hey! That's my...

The title of this post is the punchline to a joke that doesn't exist. It is to be repeated loudly as someone easily embarrased walks up to a conversation. Fun ensues. You watch that person cringe and you watch the people around you cringe (if someone doesn't cringe, become friends with them immediately, you do not want to be left out the fun you two can have) and just enjoy the moment. Making people uncomfortable is one of the great pleasures of comedy. But do you know what is not comedy, but makes me uncomfortable?

The GOP talking about Tax Policy!

All of this nonsense about cutting taxes to stimulate the economy is fine IF you cut taxes for the people that are hurting. I suggest a payroll tax holiday for both employers and employees. In the short term this will add to the deficit, but really, what isn't now a days? What I have no patience for is the renewal or permanance of the bush tax cuts. ESPECIALLY THE ESTATE TAX.

The estate tax is literally the only bulwark in the united states to check the accumulation and generational transfer of wealth. In the US, the accumulation of wealth is really obnoxious and immoral. The old arguments that the wealthy stimulate the economy is just ridiculous. Certainly the entrepreneuers have built this country, but I see no reason to give their heirs any more than half of their parents' estate.

Sure, trustafarians can do some good things, they can build new wealth,etc. But half of fortune is often more than their benefactor started with. Lets see what they can do with some seed money or hard work. Earn it kids and lets start over when you're dead.

By the way, the missing word in the title is anus.

Fucking Hilarious...

Posting is for suckers.